Having produced knives for over thee decades, trying most every avenue, and material available, I personally believe that the toughest, best cutting knives can only be produced through the proper forging and heat treatment of the chosen steel.  Rather than try to impress people by offering every type of blade steel under the sun, I choose to work with what I know (52100, 5160, and 1084  for "working grade" blades).  These steels have proven they possess the durability,  and toughness, as well as the ease of sharpening that are a must. This way I can constantly seek improvement without having to "start over" each time I produce a blade.  Damascus (1080/15N20) steel  is my choice for the majority of my "Collector Grade" pieces.  I offer a wide variety of this material,  from barstock for other knifemakers , to exotic patterned mosaic pieces for the discerning patron. I also offer CPM154 in my utility/flipper folding knives, for those who desire a stainless steel.
I believe in testing and using what I produce, and routinely will carry a new design for several months prior to offering it to the public.  In today's world, far too many claim their product is the best, with nothing to base these claims upon. A knife is first and foremost a tool! Through destructive testing, and using the designs I produce, I have full confidence in the performance claims I make, and fully back my product. Each knife that leaves my shop must first pass my standards for toughness and edge retention.   Knifemaking is an ever evolving vocation.  I am constantly trying new materials, techniques, and patterns in order to offer my clients the very best!
"I would rather explain price, than apologize for Quality!"
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