The best way to place an order for a custom knife is to give me the type of knife you would like (IE: Hunter, Bowie, Fighter, Folder, etc) , the materials you would like, and a "budget" for the knife.  This gives me a level of freedom in creating your knife, and when I'm allowed that freedom, you ALWAYS get my very best work.  It also ensure that your knife will be a "One of a Kind". There are only a few "Models" that I routinely produce...EBKs  and Gen-2 Folders are as close to specific "Models" as I offer.

Adding your name to my "available knives" mailing list

  Each knife I produce is an individual, and I believe my customers deserve nothing less.  I currently keep three mailing lists.... One for EBKs, one for "Using" knives (to include "using" type folders, and one for Collector Pieces (to include collector grade folders).  If you would like to be notified when a piece is available for purchase, simply send an email to with one of the three list names in the subject line and I will place you on that list.  Please include the style of knife your most interested in (Bowie, Hunter, Folder, etc.).
Currently available knives can be seen here

Quoted at time of order
Here's how payment and delivery will work...

I reserve the right to request a non-refundable deposit on any knife ordered, if it is of a design/type that I do not feel would sell if the customer where to cancel, or if very expensive materials are requested (such as ivory, gold, etc). However, as a general rule, I DO NOT accept deposits.

Payment types accepted:
Check, Money Order,  VISA/MASTERCARD ( 3.5% processing fee will be applied to all credit card purchases, all credit card payment receipts will be emailed to the customer), or Paypal.  (using Paypal will add  4% to the total cost.)

International Orders/Payments:
  With all of the credit card problems/scams, I will not accept any credit card payment from outside the U.S.   Payments from international customers must be made via paypal,  an international money order (payable in U.S. funds),  or a check is acceptable if drawn on a U.S. bank. No products will be shipped until payment has cleared.

How it works..

When placing an order, your name will be added to my waiting list when you officially place and order. (Either verbally, or via email/regular mail).  I will contact you prior to starting work to ensure the order is still valid.

  Approximately 2-3 weeks out from completion I will notify you.  At that time full payment is due, including shipping and insurance costs that I specify.. (Unless other arrangements have been made with me)

Once payment is received, I will ship the knife.  Once the knife arrives,
you MUST notify me (email or phone) that the knife has arrived safely.  I will hold the funds for a period of 3 calendar days (with the exception of credit card payments, which are deposited immediately).  This period is to allow you (the customer) to evaluate the knife and ensure you are 100% satisfied. 

  Contact me with your decision as to whether you will keep the knife or return it.  If I do not hear from you within 3 calendar days of you receiving the knife/knives, I will deposit the funds, and will only accept a return based on my guarantee. (see bottom of this page)     If you wish to return the knife, notify me within the 3 day inspection period, follow the return policy criteria that was shipped with the knife, and upon receiving the knife, and finding it in "as shipped" condition, I will refund your money, minus shipping /insurance/ and/or any credit card fees.

Return Policy

All knives with an individual sale price of $400 or more come with a 3-day inspection period.  It is intended to allow the Client to evaluate the knife/knives they have purchased, to ensure they meet with 100% customer approval.  A copy of this policy will be shipped with each knife that meets the return policy criteria.  If you would like a copy of this policy prior to purchasing, I would be happy to send it via email. 


I will attempt to complete a knife or two each month for exclusive sale on my web site.  Please check the Available page  for knives that are ready for delivery.

  I will consider custom designs if they appeal to me, provided the customer is willing to except minor modifications to the design that will add to the overall design/function.  Designs that depart from the main stream, will require full payment in advance.

Some knives displayed on my site are listed with exotic handle materials such as Sambar Stag or Fossil Ivories.  The prices for knives ordered with these types of handle materials will vary with the current market prices.  For example, a knife listed for $750 with a fossil ivory handle may be quoted considerably higher now, due to the ever increasing prices of fossil ivory.  The same holds true for Sambar Stag, Pearl, and other exotic materials.

Policy on fragile handle materials:   Ivory, Pearl, and similar handle materials tend to be very temperamental/fragile.  Due to the nature of these materials,
I cannot warranty these types of handle materials from checks, cracks or breakage.

Prices start at $189 for my basic EKB model utility knives (EBK I pictured below) with Kydex scabbard, to thousands for exotic Collector pieces. Typical hunters start at $400

Knives will be shipped only after full payment is received.  All payments for knives that meet my 3-day return policy criteria will be held by me, for a period of 3 calendar days after the customer receives the knife, to ensure you are fully satisfied with your purchase.  If for some reason you are not completely satisfied, return the knife to me, and I will refund the full purchase price, minus shipping/insurance/and/or any credit card fees.

I favor natural handle materials, but will use most any available material in order to ensure customer satisfaction. (with the exception of Elephant Ivory, which I do not use)

Orders will be completed in the order received, and you will be notified for complete payment prior to shipment.  All items are guaranteed (unless otherwise specified on this page).  If you are not satisfied with your knife, I will do my best to make it right.  Along with your purchase goes lifetime cleaning and sharpening.  If you desire this service, return the knife to me, with return postage, and I will do the rest.

* I reserve the right to deny service and/or sales to anyone, for any reason.


If you are not 100% satisfied during the 3-day inspection period, return the knife to me.  After this period my general guarantee applies:  I will repair or replace any knife that experiences an honest failure.  Basically, I will work to make it RIGHT with you.  This does not cover misuse,  abuse of the knife/knives, "Buyer's Remorse",  or if the knife is modified in any way.   If there is a question of abuse, I will require you to send the knife to me for my inspection.  If I determine there was a honest failure, I will repair or replace the knife.  If I determine the knife has been seriously misused, abused, or modified in any way, all guarantees/warranties are void.

If you are a Knifemaker, and are interested in Damascus bar stock, please contact me.  I offer a wide variety of Damascus Barstock, made to order.  (Minimum order is 6" length)
  Feel free to call or email with any questions.

"Thanks for your interest in my work, I look forward to hearing from you!"
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