A multi position, multi use platen for any grinder!  Now available from Beaumont Metal Works.... makers of the KMG Grinders!
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For many years, I have been using a platen  that I conceived & designed with the initial model being built by Rob Frink of Beaumont Metal Works.
Designed for use on the KMG, or any other grinder that utilizes a 1 1/2" square tooling arm, this platen offers what I feel is the ultimate in versatility,
and ease of changeover. Once you use a "Caffrey Platen" you'll wonder how you ever did without one!

The mounting arrangement of a 3/4" pin and clamp/socket, which allows the platen to be turned to any of the working surfaces;  Flat platen, 1 1/2" contact wheel, slack belt, 3" contact wheel, or any place in between, simply by loosening one hand bolt (no tools required) , moving the platen to the desire position, and then re-tightening the hand bolt.

This platen can be used on ANY grinder, even those with odd sized tooling arms such as the 1 1/4" utilized on some machines.  Beaumont/KMG offers 1 1/4" tooling arms as an option when you purchase a Caffrey Platen.
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The following video will show you all the uses for the Caffrey Platen, why it was designed/built the way it was, and how to correctly set it up for use.