Several People have asked for more Damascus here you go!  1080/Nickel 200 in a gentle twist pattern. Heat treated/usable (but why mess it up?)  Hot Blued, and finished/coated with satin clear Gun Kote for zero maintenance. Handle is laminated walnut with carving/texturing, and wax finished. 
Price:  $550.00
Plus Shipping/insurance
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I talked about them in my Basic Bladesmithing video, and have had many requests.  Here are the "Angle Peen" hammers that I first created for myself because traditional cross peen and straight peen hammers were just too uncomfortable and unnatural to use.   PRICE IS $225.00 EACH PLUS SHIPPING AND INSURANCE for the hammer with one of my "split", hickory handles installed. Shipping will be via USPS Priority Flat Rate Mail. (shipping outside the CONUS will be actual cost via USPS Priority International.)  Actual shipping cost will be the cost of Priority Mail plus insurance at the time of shipping.
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The hammers are available in right or left hand models.  The finished weight with the handle installed is listed with each photo below.   Since each hammer is hand made, the weight can vary slightly from hammer to hammer. The hammers are forged from 4140 steel,  so there are slight differences in each hammer.  The eyes are drifted to fit a standard Large "Blacksmith" hammer handle, available at most hardware stores.  The peens on these hammers are offset at a 45 degree angle, which allows the user to draw out the material they are working on by simply flipping the hammer over, while remaining in a natural hammering position.   The "Double Draw" hammer is designed for drawing out stock, both lengthwise and width wise, simply by flipping the hammer over.  With the "Double Draw" hammer, you can draw the edge bevels into a blade without having to "back bend" the blade prior to forging the bevels.  It is also an excellent tool for creating distal tapers.   One final note....
these hammers are softer than hammers that are commercially available.  The reason for this is that I would much rather clean up a ding in the hammer face, than have to repair a ding in the anvil face from a missed blow...... so don't expect a super hard hammer face.  They will hold up just fine for hot work, but will ding if used on cold or hardened materials.
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Weight:   2lb/ 4oz

14 1/2" OA length
Price:  $725.00
Plus Shipping/insurance

One of a Kind ...9 Bar composite Damascus Hammer

Right Hand Damascus Angle Peen Hammer
Reference as "Blued Hammer 1"
Right Hand Damascus Angle Peen Hammer.  Composed of 9 bars of twisted 1080/15N20 steels, finshed with satin clear Gun-Kote for zero maintenance. The hammer is heat treated, and can be used, but why mess it up?  Handle is split, flame blackened hickory, with wax finish.

Weight:   2lb/ 2oz

14 7/8" OA length
Please refer to the hammer/image number at the top of each photo/gallery when ordering. 
All current Angle Peen hammers are RIGHT HAND models.
Right Hand Angle Peen    4140 Steel, Split Hickory Handle.  Reminder:  My hammers are designed to be softer than an anvil face, this means that if you happen to make a "miss hit" the hammer face will ding/dent (which is far easier to repair) instead of damaging the anvil face. 
Price:  $239.00
Plus Shipping/insurance
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